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8:59am 06-30-2021
Hey ! Just stopping by to say hi!
7:56am 11-19-2020
Hey Rach! Sorry I haven't responded in a while. How are you? -
8:50pm 01-14-2020
Karla SEyez
Hey Rach! It's been awesome having you as an affie. I feel bad that I am not as active as I was but I do hope you will continue your affiliation with STnet for as long as possible
9:20am 04-28-2018
hey lovely! Its been awhile. i hope all is well. I dk if you saw i have Lushbomb back and been working on it this month I still have to add my affies which i am doing that today, but you should check out the new look!
3:38pm 04-06-2018
Hello. Your layouts are always sooo cute. ♥
12:41am 02-28-2018
Hello, your website looks great. Please check out mine when you have the chance!
3:56pm 01-12-2018
5:18pm 11-27-2017
Ooopsie I put my wrong email, it's If you have any questions, i can try to help you. Ttyl!
5:16pm 11-27-2017
Hi Mia!! You have to copy and paste the main style sheet, the index style sheet to your credits page, your graphic page, etc. So it's just a bunch of copying and pasting. So sorry for the late reply.
3:36am 11-06-2017
i meant in every page that i creat
3:35am 11-06-2017
Hey... Is there away that i can get my style sheet show up in every page that i make? TY
1:27am 03-17-2017
Sandra Palmer
hi rach hope all is ok with ya
5:56pm 01-04-2017
hey rach how are you hope all is well
7:02am 01-03-2017
Hi Rachael! How are you?
I dont see your Chatbox guess I'll comment here.
how are you? hope you're well
please visit back if you check your guestbook too
7:31am 12-24-2016
Hey guys and gals. Hope you can sign this on your way out No entries yet. Except for mine, lol!!